Gaps between tiles of OS Terrain 50 and Terrain 5 DTM data


Why are there small gaps between some of the adjacent tiles of OS Terrain 50 and OS Terrain 5 DTM data? The edges of the tiles should all match up perfectly.


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In the July 2016 version of Terrain 50 DTM Ordnance Survey have advised that there are 58 tiles that have coordinate errors in their headers which cause the affected tiles to be offset by a few metres when viewing them in GIS. Ordnance Survey are working on a fix to the problem and are hopeful it will be resolved in time for the next release of Terrain 50 DTM (due in July). Further information can be found on the following Ordnance Survey web page:
A similar problem exists for some tiles in the October 2016 and January 2017 releases of OS Terrain 5 DTM, although it’s not clear how many tiles are affected. 
If you discover gaps between adjacent tiles of either OS Terrain 50 DTM or OS Terrain 5 DTM we recommend you download a newer version of the data.
Please contact if you have any further questions.


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