How do you download a digimap and get it into Adobe Photoshop?


I’m trying to create a figure ground diagram in Photoshop but need a map from digimap in order to create it. Just wondering how i transfer the base map selected in digimap and get it into photoshop? Any information would be much appreciated, thanks


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You can download maps from any Digimap Roam application using the Print function. This will create a print file in PDF, JPG or PNG format that can be opened in Adobe Photoshop.
Alternatively you can download a number of the basemap datasets in raster format from the Ordnance Survey collection using the Data Download application. These can then be opened in Adobe Photoshop.
Note that not all products are available in raster format. The table on the following page lists the formats that each product in the Ordnance Survey collection is available in:


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