How do I open the data (zip) file downloaded from Digimap?


I downloaded a file but I cannot open it. it is a zip file and when I want to extract it, it asks me for a password. why is this happening? I need advice asap.


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Anonymous February 10, 2017

When a user downloads data from a Digimap Data Download application they will receive an email with a link to retrieve their data.  To retrieve data the users needs to be logged into Digimap – then click on the link in their email.  This will open  a page with a ‘Download’ button.
Data is downloaded to your computer. On Windows you can use the Windows Extract All… command which can be found by right clicking on the .zip file. If that still does not work you can download either WinZip or 7Zip which will allow you to extract the files.
If you need further help we would suggest you contact us through the helpdesk –


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