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You can create EPS files directly from Adobe Acrobat by using an appropriate Printer Driver e.g. CutePDF or one downloaded from Adobe’s website. For example: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=1500 and follow the instructions at: http://www.ep.ph.bham.ac.uk/general/printing/winsetup.html

Note: you will need the Generic Colour Postscript PPD file linked in the document if you want to print A3 or larger. You can download the PDD file from the above website.

Load the PDF into Acrobat and then go to File ->Print. Select CutePDF Writer (or another Postscript printer you have installed). Click on Properties and then the Advanced… button.

There is a section called Postscript Options; expand this to find the PostScript Output Option and change this from ‘Optimize for Speed’ to ‘Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)’.

When you print you will now be asked to save a file which you should add the extension .eps to your file. You should be able to open this file in Ghostview as a vector EPS.

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  1. Losing the EPS print option from Digimap Carto would not have been so painful if the the Advanced features such as create grid, scalebar and define area co-ordinates had not also been removed or were available with the PDF option in Carto and Roam. Our students combine Mastermap data with Profile contours in Adobe Illustrator and the grid was very useful for joining the downloads.

  2. The problem has been that our new GIS software could not add grids and scalebars to the print templates we are using. We are working on this and hope to have something into service in the spring. We haven#39;t forgotten that this is useful, it has just taken longer to work out how to do it!

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