Sep 162011

On the 13th of September we held the annual update of the maps and map data in Digimap. There haven’t been any major specification changes this time though you will notice some cartographic changes to the MiniScale maps in Digimap Roam.


New MiniScale Cartography

© Crown Copyright/database right 2011. An Ordnance Survey/EDINA supplied service.

The Urban areas are now purple and on the more zoomed out maps there has been some enhancement to the relief shading.

All the following data products were updated to the latest version available:

  • MasterMap Topography and ITN Layers:
  • Meridian2
  • Strategi
  • MiniScale
  • Code-Point
  • Code-Point with Polygons
  • Boundary Line
  • 1:250,000 Colour Raster
  • 1:50 000 Colour Raster
  • 1:25 000 Colour Raster
  • 1:10 000 Raster
  • 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer

All the products have been updated in Digimap Roam, Carto and all the different Data Downloaders. The following products were not updated as the versions were already the most up-to-date available:

  • VectorMap District
  • VectorMap Local
  • Land-Form PANORAMA contours and DTM
  • Land-Form PROFILE contours and DTM


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