Mar 072012

Digimap is getting a fresh new look with a significant change to the home page. The change is being made to make it easier to find the different services within Digimap and to help our users get assistance with the maps and data. To do this we will be adding a new resource centre where we will bring together all of the support and help resources that are available. The resource centre will offer guidance on not only the information available from Digimap but how to use it in GIS and CAD software.

Digimap new home page

The new home page will show all the different applications available within Digimap before you login, so you can see what else is available, and show what you are using to your colleagues and classmates. There will also be news and blog extracts on the page to keep you up to date with all things Digimap.

We already have some working prototypes and will shortly begin testing the interface on groups of users to make sure it really does make things easier. We aim to have the new page in place later this year; afterwards you should notice more and more elements of Digimap change to the new look.

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