Sep 252012

Service "At Risk".Recently  we have discovered a handful of users have found maps failing to load in Digimap’s mapping applications. All other tools are available, just the map is missing.

This appears to be caused by anti-virus software installed on the users computer blocking the maps streamed from Digimap.  Adding Digimap to the list of trusted sites should resolve this problem, although the specific format of the URL to trust is important.  If maps are failing to load for you too, please check that Digimap is listed as one of your trusted sites. If Digimap is listed and the maps still fail to load, please contact us for assistance.  We will need to know the name and version of the anti-virus software you are using.

If your computer is centrally administered by your institution you may need to contact Computing Services for assistance to amend your list of trusted sites.

 25 September, 2012  Posted by at 12:17 pm Digimap News, Help

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