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All the Digimap Roam interfaces are due to change this August, with the provisional date set to Tuesday the 13th. There are three specific changes that all existing users of any of the Roam interfaces need to know:

Search Changes

To search for your chosen location you now click on the Search button found above the map on the right-hand side.

The search button in new Roam updateOnce you have clicked the Search button a new window will open allowing you to do a simple search for a place name or postcode, or a more advanced search using coordinates on either the British National Grid as a grid reference or Eastings and Northings, or as Latitude and Longitude values.

The opening search tab in Roam The advanced search tab in Roam

Print Changes

To make a PDF, PNG or JPG print file of your map you now click on the Print button which can be found above the map on the left-hand side.

The location of the Print buton in the updated Roam interfaceOnce you have clicked the Print button a new window will open allowing you to change the print options such as paper size, orientation and scale.

New Roam Print Interface in Development

Once you are happy with the settings click Generate Print File, you will be asked to save the file created in the usual way for your browser.

Opening and Saving Maps and Annotations

The Open button for "My Maps" and importing annotationsDon’t panic! All your saved maps and annotations from the previous version of Roam will all still be available. To open existing maps or annotations click on the Open button and then My Maps… Once you have clicked on the button a new window will open that allows you to access all the maps and annotations you have saved in any of the Roam interfaces. Annotations are now saved as part of your Map!

Opening saved maps and annotations

In this window you can choose your map and also delete ones you no longer need. If you made a map in a different Roam, opening it will take you to the location and the equivalent zoom level. If it had Annotations, these will be drawn on the new map.

The Open button also allows you to import annotations from a file saved on your computer. Click on the Annotations from file… option to open a window where you can specify the file you want to upload.

The button to open the Import Annotations windowThe import Annotations window

When using the service you can click on the blue question mark icon for help on how to use this feature.

When it comes to saving your maps and annotations you now just click on the Save button and again pick the My Maps… option. This will open the Save My Map window where you save both the map and any annotations that are on it.

The Save button in New RoamThe Save My Maps window in New Roam

In a similar way to importing annotations, to Export them to a file you click the Save button and then choose the Annotations to file… In the window that opens select the format of the file you want to save and give it a name; clicking Export will then download the file to your web browser’s usual location.

The Save annotation to file button in the updated Roam interfaceThe Export Annotations window in the updated Roam interface

Other Changes

There are several other changes to the interface that make it easier to use some features of Roam that you may have missed in the past, see this previous blog post for more information:

 Digimap Roam Interface: Important Changes this Summer

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the new interface:

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