Oct 152013

Email IconOctober is the busiest time for welcoming new users to Digimap and we have already approved over 7500 registrations. As you know it is important to enter a valid email address when registering; this is how we send you a link to your data downloads and how we inform you of any changes or disruptions to the service.

We ask you to give us your academic email address where possible, we know for some this isn’t most commonly used address so please check that you have entered it correctly.  Quite often the email address entered seems correct but is missing a particular element, for example:

  • We get: j.bloggs@university.ac.uk
  • We need: j.bloggs@student.university.ac.uk

Please make sure that you don’t miss out any parts of the address, you can try sending yourself an email to see if it is right… and it is always worth another check for typos.

Thank you.

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  4 Responses to “Registering for Digimap: Please check your email address”

  1. I would like to register and use Digimap for teaching purposes at University College London

  2. Great, just go to the Digimap website, click login and follow the instructions. There is a guide if you need more help:

    Digimap Registration Guide

    Digimap Website

    Please let us know if you require any more assistance: edina@ed.ac.uk

  3. I need to change my email becasue I gave the wrong one.

  4. If you need to change your email, just log into the service and then click on the My Digimap box on the left of the screen. The top link in here is Change user details, where you can correct your email etc.

    Please note that the process takes place overnight so your new email address will come into effect the next day.

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