Dec 092013

EDINA has updated the most detailed maps in Geology Digimap to the latest version from the British Geological Survey (BGS). The 1:50,000 scale maps and data in Geology Roam and Geology Download are now the DiGMapGB-50 Version 7 data from the BGS.

DigMapGB-50 Version 7

The main differences between this data and the previous versions is that there is an extra tile of data in Wales, EW150 Dinas Mawddwy, and that the linear features are now contained in a single shapefile rather than being in several separate layers. The 7 different linear feature layers; Alteration, Fault, Fold Axis, Fossil Horizon, Landform, Mineral Vein, and Rock are now all combined in a single Linear layer.

The following tiles have all undergone major changes:


  • SC008E_Loch Doon (Superficial)
  • SC016E_Ettrick (Bedrock)
  • SC073W_Invermoriston (Superficial)
  • SC084E_Nairn (Bedrock)
  • SC092E_Loch Fannich (Bedrock)
  • SC101E_Ullapool (Superficial)
  • SC102W_Oykel Bridge (Bedrock)
  • SC108W_Ben Hee (Bedrock)

England & Wales

  • EW039 Kendal (Superficial)
  • EW075 Preston
  • EW085 Manchester
  • EW086 Glossop
  • EW100 Sheffield
  • EW112 Chesterfield
  • EW150 Dinas Mawddwy
  • EW167 Dudley
  • EW174 Thetford
  • EW203 Bedford
  • EW224 242 Colchester Brightlingsea
  • EW247 Swansea
  • EW265 Bath
  • EW283 Andover
  • EW310 Tiverton
  • EW346 Newquay

For more details about the 1:50,000 and other DiGMapGB datasets you can download the Information Notes directly from the BGS: DiGMapGB Information Notes

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