Dec 182015

A number of key datatsets have been updated in Digimap this December in several of the collections.

Of particular note are the updates to the Marine collection. The HydroView Charts raster product from SeaZone is now available in two versions: ‘Full Marginalia’ and ‘No Marginalia’. Users can select the version after adding the product to the basket in Marine Download.

Choose Marginalia in the Basket

The ‘No Marginalia’ version has all extra information round the map (e.g. north arrows, scale bars, inset maps etc.) removed and replaced with transparent areas. This makes it ideal for use in GIS software allowing you to pan across adjacent charts without this information obscuring the map data.

Marine chart with marginalia  Marine chart with marginalia removed

Furthermore the Charted Raster .tif files are now supplied with .tab files for accurate positioning in MapInfo.

The tables below lists all the datasets that have been updated in each collection together with the publishing date for each one.

Ordnance Survey Data Download

Product Name OS Published Date
Boundary-Line October 2015

Geology Download

Product Name BGS Published Date
  • January 2015,
  • April 2015,
  • July 2015,
  • October 2015

Marine Download

Product Name SeaZone Published Date
HydroSpatial One August 2015
HydroView Charts (all scales) August 2015


If you have any questions about the dataset updates or Digimap please contact us:

  • Phone: 0131 650 3302
  • Email:
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