Dec 222016

OS Open Map – Local (OML) was recently added to the Digimap Roam application, giving users the ability to create maps online with a detailed, vector open dataset. OML is the most detailed vector mapping product available from Ordnance Survey as Open Data. We have added this dataset to the following map views in Digimap Roam:

Map View Default Print Scale
Neighbourhood View 1:10,000
Street View 1:5,000
Detailed View 1:2,500

The dataset is rich in features and includes detailed building outlines and Car Charging Points, which are sourced from the National Charge Registry.

OS Open Map - Local showing Coventry City Centre

OS Open Map – Local showing Coventry City Centre

Ordnance Survey first released OML as a beta product in March 2015 and Digimap users have been able to download this dataset via the Data Download application since April 2015. The October 2016 release of OML marks the end of the beta period and provides the first main version of the dataset.

OML is intended to be used as a detailed basemap on which to visualise your own data and is designed to be an alternative to OS Street View, which will be withdrawn in March 2017 by Ordnance Survey.

The cartography team at Digimap have worked hard to implement a consistent style with that of the smaller scale VectorMap District product, ensuring a familiar look and feel between the two Open Data products. Contours from the OS Terrain 50 product are included when viewing the data in Roam, to give greater context especially in rural and hilly areas.

OS Open Map - Local showing Canary Wharf

OS Open Map – Local showing Canary Wharf

Further information on the new dataset can be found on the Digimap help page or the Ordnance Survey website. We hope you like the new data, if you have any questions about the dataset or Digimap please contact us:

  • Phone: 0131 650 3302
  • Email:

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