Sep 062021

The following Ordnance Survey event might be of interest to Digimap users:

OS Map and Hack advertising image

OS Map and Hack advertising image

OS Map & Hack is OS’ first virtual hackathon taking place on October 6 & 7, focusing on how spatial data contributes to solving real-world challenges around.

We are looking at the use of spatial data and how this can be used as we move towards sustainable alternatives across multiple market sectors. Spatial data is key to unlocking insights that determine how we are literally shaping our world. As the pace of technological innovation quickens, implementing the infrastructure and driving interest is crucial to widespread adoption across the country at a national, organisational, and individual level.

A panel of innovation and geospatial experts will be evaluating your contribution and looking for the strongest and innovative examples, which make best use of OS data and APIs.

Participants, entering as either individuals to be placed into a team or existing teams, will have an opportunity to work to four different challenges ranging from supporting local government to influencing consumer behaviours. The winners will receive collaboration time with OS technical and geospatial experts, Geovation memberships and a whole bunch of OS swag.

The event’s opening ceremony, pitching, judging, and closing ceremony will be held via Microsoft Teams. Collaboration will be taking place on Discord with workshops, activities and channels that provides participants the opportunity to collaborate with developers across public sector, private sector and the start-up community. Participants can also collaborate directly with the OS teams to ensure they’re getting the most effective use of OS data.


  • Challenge 1: levelling up – How can local governments use geospatial data for EV charging infrastructure and the transition to EV’s in remote communities.
  • Challenge 2: taking charge – What is the demand for charge points of EV fleets and where do these charge points need to be developed?
  • Challenge 3: the ‘real’ EV journey – How can we build the infrastructure to accurately reflect and represent the habits of the everyday EV user?
  • Challenge 4: open innovation – the open innovation challenges provides the freedom to design and build your own sustainable concept.
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