Aug 022016

We are now at the start of a new academic year and Digimap has new licence agreements in place for the Ordnance Survey, Geology and Historic Map and Data Collections. You may have noticed already that you have been asked to agree to the licence again when you logged in.  This is because some of the terms are different and you are required to agree to these new terms prior to accessing the data within the service.

When you login you will notice the Licence Agreements button at the top right of the home page.

Licence Agreement Button

Clicking on this will allow to you to view the licences you have agreed to and to agree to those you have not yet agreed to.

New Licence Agreements 2016

If a Collection has a new licence, the applications (e.g. Roam and Data Download) in that Collection will also appear grey. By trying to access an application which has a new licence, you will automatically be taken through the process of agreeing to it if you have not yet done so.

All you need to do is accept the licence and restate your purpose for using the service (which may or may not have changed since you agreed to the previous licence) and you will have access to the service once more.

If you have any questions or need any help or guidance have a look at the Agreeing to Licences for Digimap Collections section half way down the following help page:

Or send us an email:

  • Email:


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Nov 172014

We are pleased to announce that a new Ordnance Survey licence agreement for Digimap is now available.

The new End User Licence Agreement (EULA) can be viewed in the Digimap Help Pages. As part of the new licence arrangements, end users need to agree to the EULA to access the Ordnance Survey data through the Digimap Service. Initially this will need to be done every time you access the collection via a popup after you select an application, however we are working on a new registration system that will mean you only need to do this once.

There is also an updated list of FAQs for the licence.

However, if you have any questions relating to the licence please do not hesitate to contact the Digimap support team.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0131 650 3302

What’s changed in the new agreement?

See below for key changes. Supplementary information is available from the EULA, the Ordnance Survey website and the EDINA helpdesk.

1. The following new products have been introduced to the Digimap Ordnance Survey collection under the new licence:

  • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer™ (ITN) Layer Urban Paths Theme.
  • OS MasterMap® Topography Layer will also contain the Sites Layer.
  • OS Terrain® 5, introduced as the new high resolution height dataset, replacing Land-Form PROFILE®.
  • PointX Points of Interest (PoI).

These will be made available through the Digimap service as soon as possible.

2. Changes to image publication size restrictions for external use

Image publication size restrictions have changed significantly with many being removed. Please refer to the Your Obligation/Restrictions section of the EULA, specifically Clause 5.1.4 and 5.2.

3. Public sector data sharing rights

In certain situations, it is now possible for you to share Digimap Ordnance Survey data with government departments and for government departments to share their Ordnance Survey data with you. For further details please see FAQs 27 & 28 in Licence FAQ section and consult the EULA Clause 4.

4. Authorised Data Handler

Where a Digimap Authorised User needs to use Ordnance Survey data in a secure data service, the new Digimap Licence now permits that via a separate Digimap Data Handler Agreement. Please see EULA Clause 3.1.4.

5. Educational navigation product/service

For Educational Use, you are now permitted to build Educational navigation apps. See the EULA, Clause 3.4 for the scope of what is permitted.

6. Use of YouTube and Twitter

You may now publish Ordnance Survey data, in line with strict terms detailed in EULA Clause 5, on YouTube and Twitter.

7. There is a change in the copyright notice that must be included on any maps

You must include the following acknowledgements on any display or reproduction of the Ordnance Survey Licensed data:

© Crown Copyright and Database Right [insert date]. Ordnance Survey (Digimap Licence)

Where the date to be inserted should be the current year.

For HE institutions:

If you are responsible for your HE institution subscribing to Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection you should already have received an email from Jisc Collections detailing how your institution can agree to the new Sub-Licence. Full details can be found on the Jisc Collections website.

If you have any further questions then please contact the Digimap Support team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0131 650 3302



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Jun 032014

Service "At Risk".EDINA will be making use of the “At Risk” period on Tuesday the 10th of June between 08:30 and 09:30. The service will be unavailable for a short time during this hour while we make some changes.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Jan 252013

Service "At Risk".All Digimap services will be unavailable for at least 2 hours on Saturday 26th of January for some essential hardware maintenance. The service should also be considered ‘at risk’ for the rest of the weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Jan 142011

We are currently offering free trial access to the new Marine Roam facility to institutions which do not yet subscribe to Marine Digimap.

Marine Roam provides the only available online mapping tool for Hydrospatial data, a comprehensive dataset of features found in the marine environment, including buoys, wrecks, windfarms, sandbanks, flora and fauna, as well as transportation and socio-economic use information. Marine Roam is currently available as a beta service.

Any staff member at a UK Higher or Further Education Institution can request a free trial. EDINA will issue one username and password per institution which may be shared with anyone at that institution wishing to try the facility. Passwords will be valid until 31 March 2011.

Please feel free to pass this message to others who may be interested or request your trial account.

Request a free trial now

Information regarding how to subscribe to the Marine Digimap resource can be found at – a subscription provides access to data download facilities as well as online mapping.

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Jan 112010

We have recently noticed that some Hotmail accounts are rejecting emails from as spam. This also includes emails which have been automatically forwarded to a Hotmail account from an institutional email account (

This means that some users may not receive emails from which to download OS MasterMap data or their “Welcome to Digimap” registration confirmation.

If you believe you are not receiving emails from EDINA, please check that you have in your Hotmail list of Safe Senders.

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Sep 042009

Remember that you need to renew your institution’s subscription to Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection BEFORE 30 September 2009 in order to ensure continuity of service.

If your institution has not completed and returned the appropriate licensing forms by this date, access to Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection will be removed.

Owing to the way access is controlled under the UK Federation there will be no exceptions to and no leeway given for this date. If you have already requested an invoice, you still need to return the subscription forms to the address supplied on the forms by 30 September 2009.

Should you have any questions please contact either JISC’s Subscription Agent ( or the EDINA Helpdesk (

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Aug 072009

On 1 August 2009, the Ordnance Survey Data Sub-Licence Agreement was extended and amended by a Variation Agreement. If institutions wish to continue their subscription to Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection, the Variation Agreement must be signed and returned by Wednesday 30 September 2009. Institutions not submitting renewal forms by this date will have access to the service removed. There will be no exceptions to this. Details of how to re-subscribe are given on the JISC Collections website.

When an institution re-subscribes to Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection, it agrees to the terms of the Ordnance Survey Data Sub-Licence Agreement AND the Variation Agreement. Some of the clauses in the Sub-Licence Agreement are superseded by those in the Variation Agreement. Both documents must be read in conjunction with one another, since one is not valid without the other.

EDINA has drawn up a set of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand what the the Sub-Licence and Variation Agreements will permit in terms of map and data usage. These can be found at:

The following is a summary of the changes which are brought into effect on 1 August 2009 by the Variation Agreement. The original Sub-Licence Agreement holds good unless it has been amended by the Variation Agreement. Please read the Variation Agreement itself for full details of the amendments.

  1. The definition of Authorised User has changed. An individual must fulfill three conditions in order to be an Authorised User. Individuals must:
    1. be a student of, staff (both current or retired) of, or visitor to an Authorised Institution
    2. be authorised by an Authorised Institution to access the Authorised Institution’s electronic information services via secure authentication; and
    3. be registered with EDINA Digimap

    Overseas Students are also specifically excluded from being Authorised Users, unless they are resident within the UK. Check the wording of the Variation Agreement carefully. Note also that it is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that students who are not eligible for access to this service are not given the means to access it. Under the UK Federation, EDINA is not able to check eligibility.

  2. All references to Athens have been superseded by references to the UK Access Management Federation.
  3. Class Registration is no longer possible. This has been the case since the introduction of the UK Access Management Federation in August 2008, but has now been formalised in this Variation Agreement. Assigning one username to more than one individual (as per a Class registrations) is not permitted under UK Federation policy.
  4. Authorised Users are now explicitly permitted to share data with other Authorised Users, either in the same or another Authorised Institution. This was previously implicit, but has now been made explicit. Sharing data between Authorised Institutions is still subject to completion of the Transfer of Data form as specified in the original Sub-Licence Agreement (Schedule 7, section 8.1)
  5. The Permissible Publication Sizes have been amended. These now offer a significant improvement on the previous restrictions to the size of maps published. For example, it is now possible to publish a map of Great Britain in electronic format. Please read Schedule 2 of the Variation Agreement for specific details of the new rules.
  6. Two new datasets have been included in the agreement: MiniScale® and the 1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster. A full list of products available can be found on the EDINA website.

Both the Sub-Licence Agreement and the Variation Agreement are available from EDINA’s website:

Questions regarding the subscription process and the licence agreements should be directed at JISC Collections. Questions relating to the Digimap service should be directed at the EDINA Helpdesk.

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May 062009

EDINA is undertaking some service maintenance on Tuesday 26 May, as previously advertised.

If you are registering for Digimap between 5pm on Monday 25 May and 9am on Wednesday 27 May 2009, your registration will not be processed until the evening of Wednesday 27 May 2009.

This means you will not be able to access Digimap until the morning of 28 May 2009. Applications received on Wednesday 27 May will be processed as usual that night.

EDINA is undertaking significant work on the databases underlying Digimap, and as a result, registration applications will be collected but not processed while this work takes place.

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Apr 222009

On Tuesday 21 April, some Digimap users may have received email from EDINA entitled “Activating os registration”.

These emails were sent in error and have no bearing on the status of a user’s Digimap registration. Please ignore the email and accept EDINA’s apologies for any confusion caused.

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