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Historic Digimap

6th May, 12:30-1:15pm 

Guest speaker: Rick Crowhurst, Senior Public Sector Manager, Landmark Solutions

Find out what historical maps are available in Historic Digimap, which are provided by Landmark Solutions. Rick Crowhurst will tell us about the County, Town Plan and National Grid maps that you can access and their potential uses.

The Digimap team will demonstrate the use of Historic Roam, where you can view, compare and print the maps.


Global Digimap

12th May, 12:30-1:15pm 

Guest speaker: Seraphim Alvanides, Lecturer in Social Geography, Northumbria University.

Seraphim Alvanides will describe his research, “Spatiotemporal street name changes in Eastern Germany”. This is an interdisciplinary research project relying on variationist sociolinguistics, social geography, collective memory and urban ethnology, which uses OpenStreetMap data from Global Digimap to analyse commemorative street name changes in Leipzig, Germany.

The Digimap team will demonstrate the use of Global Roam, where you can view and print the 3 global mapping datasets we provide;


Digimap Roam

20th May, 12:30-1:15pm 

Guest speaker: Anna Estaroth, PhD Research Student in Archaeology, University of the Highlands and Islands.

Our Digimap Roam mapper offers lots of functions – find out how to:

  • Browse maps
  • Add text, symbols, images
  • Add buffer zones and measure map features
  • Add your own data
  • Add and view Web Map Services from other mapping providers
  • View data from other Digimap Collections

Anna Estaroth will present her work on monumental structures in the Northern Isles and how she uses maps from Digimap to visualise the structures’ relationships to each other and the sea and land.


Society Digimap

26th May, 12:30-1:15pm

Guest speaker: Aled Singleton, PhD researcher, Swansea University.

Find out how to visualise and download 2011 UK Census data and other demographic data with Society Digimap.

Aled Singleton will present on his PhD research that used data from Society Digimap, as well as Historic Digimap: Psycho-geography; place; ageing; and emotional attachment. 

Aled’s research is about population ageing. His PhD research (completed in 2020) was on ageing, the lifecourse and emotional attachments to place. His work deployed a methodology which included interviews inspired by walks and psychogeographic group walking tours. He used the Society dataset to explore specific streets and how descriptions changed between 2001 and 2011. Moreover, Aled explored Digimap extensively to look at historic maps of the spaces that people had described, so as to build up a wider narrative.

As a qualitative researcher, Aled is particularly interested in collaborating on combining his qualitative research outputs with geospatial and statistical data. An output from his thesis is a collective narrative structured along a six-stage walk of 5.8km and mapped as a GPX line. Aled would like to work with others to link this thread with statistical data and try to provide new ways of understanding the qualities of places.


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