What is the appropriate wording for the copyright statement?

Digimap Community Q & ACategory: LicenceWhat is the appropriate wording for the copyright statement?
Guy McGarva Staff asked 9 years ago

The correct copyright statements to use for data downloaded from each Digimap collection can be found below:
Ordnance Survey Digimap:

  • Licensed Data: © Crown copyright and database rights [insert current calendar year] Ordnance Survey (100025252)
  • Open Data: Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right [insert current calendar year]

Where Points of Interest Data is used you must also ensure that the following acknowledgement is included:
This material includes data licensed from PointX© Database Right/Copyright [insert current calendar year].

Historic Digimap:
© Crown Copyright and Landmark Information Group Limited (insert current calendar year). All rights reserved. (insert year of map(s)).

Geology Digimap:
Geological Map Data BGS © UKRI [insert current calendar year]

Marine Digimap:
© British Crown and OceanWise, [insert current calendar year]. All rights reserved. Licence No. EK001-20180802. Not to be used for Navigation. 

Environment Digimap:

  • Land Cover Map 2015: LCM2015 © and database right NERC (CEH) 2017. All rights reserved. © Crown Copyright 2007, Licence number 100017572.
  • Land Cover Map 2007: LCM2007 © and database right NERC (CEH) 2011. All rights reserved. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2007. © third party licensors.
  • Land Cover Map 2000 and 1990: © NERC (CEH)
  • Land Utilisation Survey of GB (Dudley Stamp): © L. Dudley Stamp/Geographical Publications Ltd, Audrey N. Clark, Environment Agency/DEFRA and Great Britain Historical GIS

Aerial Digimap:
© Getmapping Plc
Lidar Digimap:

  • England: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2015. All rights reserved.
  • Scotland: Crown copyright Scottish Government, SEPA and Scottish Water (2012).
  • Wales: Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved.

Global Digimap:

  • OpenStreetMap data: © OpenStreetMap contributors
  • Natural Earth data: Made with Natural Earth
  • Collins Bartholomew data: © CollinsBartholomew Ltd (2018)


When data is downloaded from Digimap the zip file containing the data also includes a text file called citations_order_XXXX.txt. This file includes suitable citation text that can be used to cite data downloaded from Digimap.
The Digimap Citation tool is also available: http://digimap.edina.ac.uk/webhelp/resources/citation/services.html and can be used to create citations for all Digimap services.