What scale is the map on the screen in Roam?


The map information panel tells me the scale the map will print at and for some zoom levels there is another scale mentioned in the Product name, but what scale is the actual map on the screen?


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Firstly you can ignore the scale in the Product Name section of the Map Information tab as in Roam we don’t tend to display the maps at these scales. The scale in the name is perfect for printed maps but they look so much better on screens when zoomed in to the level where 1 pixel in the data equals one pixel on the screen.
The “Default Print Scale” stated in the Map Information panel to the left of the map is the scale of the map on the screen, but we don’t say this explicitly as it depends on your screen resolution and your browser/computer settings. Generally it is about right, but if you have a high resolution screen it will be a bit more zoomed out and if you have changed your settings to increase the readability it may be a bit more zoomed in.
So we say “Default Print Scale” as if you press print and get a PDF map without changing the settings this will be the precise scale of the map.  You do get the chance to alter the scale when printing however don’t let your PDF viewer “Fit to Paper” when printing it out as this will throw the scale out. Always use print actual size, we made sure it will fit on the paper!
Remember the scale bar on the map (PDF or Screen) will always be correct, if in doubt use this.


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