Why am I provided with more data than I ordered?


I’ve ordered data for just a small area but some of the datasets are provided as really big areas, others are provided as full datasets covering the whole country.  Why am I not provided with just the data for the area I have requested?


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Staff March 30, 2017

When you place an order for data through any of the Digimap Data Download clients, in most cases you will be provided with all the standard tiles that your area intersects. So even if you select just a small area it’s possible that you will be provided with up to four full tiles if your selected area covers the corner where four tiles meet.
The size of the individual tiles is dependent on the data supplier, we just provide the data as it was supplied to us. You can view the tile size for each product by viewing the Product Information window, which is accessed via the ‘info’ link next to each product name in each Data Download client.
This information applies to all Digimap collections.


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