Jun 062017

May was one of the busiest in terms of dataset updates in the history of Digimap. Around 20 separate datasets have been updated bringing them bang up to date with the most recent data available from the data suppliers. All the updates are listed in the tables below, broken down by the Collection and service that they can be found in.

Withdrawn Datasets (OS Collection):

OS Download Withdrawn Datasets

OS Download Withdrawn Datasets [click to expand]

Along with the updated data, Ordnance Survey have recently withdrawn three datasets:

  • Land-Form PANORAMA
  • OS Street View
  • Meridian 2 (this was covered in an earlier blog post)

These withdrawn datasets are still available to download through the Ordnance Survey Data Download application in Digimap, but users should be aware that they are no longer updated by Ordnance Survey. Withdrawn datasets have their own separate category in the Select Data panel in OS Data Download, as shown by the image on the left hand side.



OS Roam:

Product Name OS Publication Date
1:50,000 Colour Raster March 2017
OS Open Map – Local (vector) April 2017
VectorMap Local (vector) April 2017
VectorMap District (vector) March 2017
VectorMap Local Raster April 2017
VectorMap District Raster March 2017


OS Download:

Product Name OS Publication Date
VectorMap Local Raster April 2017
VectorMap District Raster March 2017
VectorMap District (vector) March 2017
OS Open Roads October 2016 and April 2017
OS Open Map – Local (raster) April 2017
OS Open Map – Local (vector) April 2017
OS Terrain 5 DTM April 2017
OS Terrain 5 Contours April 2017
OS Open Names April 2017
VectorMap Local (vector) April 2017
Code-Point with Polygons April 2017
OS Open Rivers April 2017


Geology Download:

Product Name BGS Publication Date
Borehole index April 2017


The datset update pages are kept up to date with all dataset updates in the collections:

If you have any questions about the dataset updates or Digimap please contact us:

  • Email: edina@ed.ac.uk
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Sep 242014

We have updated all the new style Download interfaces in Digimap to make it easier to change the options for the data you have selected. When you have added some data to your basket you can now see more clearly what can be changed; the version (date and style), the format and the layers.

New Download Basket

Where these options are highlighted in blue with a next to them you can click them and get a drop down menu with the alternatives.

New Download basket with open menu

Make the changes you need, add a name,  then click on the Request Download button to order your data.


We have also made a slight change to the Product Information pages for some of the data products too.  Where the data is available on tiles you can now click a Show Grid button to see the tile outlines on the map.  When you make a selection on the map you will get all the grid tiles that are partially or entirely within your orange selection area.

How to View a Grid in Data Download

This feature is particularly useful for data products like the 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 scale geology data and the Marine HydroView Charts, where the data isn’t a continuous coverage and your selected area may contain no tiles. When you click the Show Grid button it will also automatically open the menu from the right of the map which allows you to change the grid shown or switch it off.

Remember, you open the Product Information panels by clicking on the blue Info links in the list of data products to the left of the map.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these changes or anything else:

  • Email: edina@ed.ac.uk
  • Phone: 0131 650 3302
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Aug 062014

We have now added detailed 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 geological mapping data and 1:625,000 hydrogeological data to Geology Download. The mapping data is the most detailed geological mapping available from the British Geological Survey (BGS), consisting of four polygon layers:

  • bedrock geology (‘solid’);
  • superficial deposits (‘drift’ or Quaternary)
  • mass movement (mostly landslide)
  • artificial (or man-made ground)

…and one linear features layer, including:

  • thin beds (such as coal seams and fossil bands)
  • faults
  • mineral veins
  • some landforms

The products cover around 30% of the UK most of the which is provided by the 1:10,000 scale data (approx 28% of the UK), as the coverage is not complete we have added overlays to Geology Download to guide you to the areas where it can be found. The BGS have more map tiles in production for this dataset and we will add them to the service as they become available to us. The coverage of the data can be seen in the Download interface below as the dark blue areas of Great Britain.

Geology Download showing 1:10,000 scale data availability

The 1:25,000 has a much smaller coverage, but with little overlap with the 1:10,000 it makes a good companion dataset to fill in the gaps. The 1:25,000 data also fills the gaps in the 1:50,000 data in Wales, again the coverage can be seen in the interface below as the dark blue areas.

Geology Download showing 1:25,000 scale data availability

Grids / Overlays for Geology DownloadTo access the coverage maps click on the double arrow to open the Show Grid / Overlay panel on the right side of the map; you can then add the grids to the map to see where data is available. We highly recommend you do this before selecting your area for download as it is not possible to add data to your basket if you choose a product with no coverage for your that area. If you find that the Add to Basket button remains grey after you have selected your products it probably means that one or more of them do not have coverage for the area you have chosen.  If you click on the grey button an error message will tell you which products are unavailable, either remove these from the order or switch on the overlay and choose a different location that has the data.

GEology Download Products in July 2014In addition to the 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 scale mapping datasets we have also added the BGS OpenData 1:625,000 scale digital hydrogeological data to Geology Download. This data can be used to indicate the aquifer potential of an area in generalised terms. Areas are categorised into one of three groups:

  • those in which intergranular flow in the saturated zone is dominant
  • those in which flow is controlled by fissures or discontinuities
  • less permeable formations including aquifers concealed at depth beneath covering layers

The 1:625 000 scale data may be used as a guide to the aquifers at a regional or national level, but should not be relied on for local information.

The addition of these new datasets brings the total number of different BGS products in Geology Download to 14.  We hope to add the detailed mapping datasets to Geology Roam later in the year as well as some of the other types of data as overlays or basemaps.

If you have any questions about the new datasets or any requests for geology data we don’t yet have then please get in touch:

  • Email: edina@ed.ac.uk
  • Phone: 0131 650 3302
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Aug 022013

EDINA has launched a new version of Geology Download to replace the existing one and the Lexicon Download. The updated interface can be found in the Download area of the Geology section of  Digimap.Geology Download Replacement Message

The new interface looks very similar to the Data Download service in the Ordnance Survey Collection and so benefits from all the enhanced functionality and ease of use brought about when that interface was developed:

Updated Geology Download interface

Click image to enlarge.

New Geology Download has all the datasets that the old interface provided, with the addition of the Lexicon of Named Rock Units and the Boreholes Index shapefile. We also hope to add some extra datasets in the coming weeks from the British Geological Survey (BGS) OpenGeoscience data holdings.

Both the old Geology Download and the Lexicon Download will be withdrawn on the 31st of August. If you support the use of Geology Digimap please update any support materials or practical exercises you may have created for the old interface.

You can find a “how to” guide for the updated interface here:

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the new interface or withdrawal of the old ones:

  • Tel: 0131 650 332
  • Email: edina@ed.ac.uk
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Oct 112011

Geology Digimap

Geology Roam and Geology download are now using the most up-to-date detailed geology map data:

  • DiGMapGB-50 Version 6.20, 1:50,000 scale data

Geology Data isn’t updated very often, and it is great to have the data refreshed for the new academic year. Version 6  has a few new tiles; there are now only 3 tiles of missing data in Wales, and there have also been a few tile updates elsewhere in the UK such as SC064 which has now been split into two regular sized tiles, SC064E Ben Macdui and SC064W Newtonmore.

There have also been some small changes to the attribution of the data  which is now at level 20.  The main difference is that each polygon now has a link to both the Lexicon of Named Rock Units and the Rock Classification Schema within it’s attributes. Digimap Roam already provided the key information via the Get Rock Info tool.

Marine Digimap

Marine Roam and Hydrospatial Download now benefit from updated Hydrospatial data. There are many updates to the features available and more layers area available across more tiles.

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Aug 112011

This year’s annual data update will take place at the beginning of September.  There will be a refresh the following Ordnance Survey products:

MasterMap Topo

  • MasterMap Topography and ITN Layers
  • VectorMap Local
  • Meridian2
  • Strategi
  • MiniScale
  • Code-Point
  • Code-Point with Polygons
  • Boundary Line

1:250,000 Colour Raster

  • 1:250,000 Colour Raster
  • 1:50 000 Colour Raster
  • 1:25 000 Colour Raster
  • 1:10 000 Raster
  • 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer


There will also be updated Hydrospatial data in Marine Digimap and a new version of the DiGMapGB-50 data in Geology Digimap.

Along with the new data Ancient Roam will be getting the Annotation Tools and there may be a bit of a surprise bonus addition to Digimap Roam. More information will be posted on the Blog, Twitter and Facebook page nearer the time.

Apr 192011

Service "At Risk".All Digimap Download facilities should be considered ‘at risk’ next Tuesday (26th April) due to some essential hardware maintenance. MasterMap Download will take longer to process orders on this day so it would be wise get these in beforehand if you have deadlines to meet.

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