Mar 212017

The Digimap team are hosting a free webinar, on Wednesday 26 April 2017, from 1-1:30pm.

3D model showing bedrock geology of the Cuillin hills in Skye with Aerial Imagery draped over OS Terrain 5 DTM.

3D model showing bedrock geology of the Cuillin hills in Skye with Aerial Imagery draped over OS Terrain 5 DTM.

The session will give an overview of how to create 3D models in common GIS and CAD packages (ArcGIS Pro, QGIS and AutoCAD) using data downloaded from Digimap.

The session will look at the datasets available from Digimap that are of use for 3D modelling.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions on any aspect of Digimap.

Registration is required – please note that spaces are limited, so it’s advisable to register early.

Register now!

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Aug 112011
MasterMap Topo

As lots of people are currently working on projects and dissertations we thought we’d share a few tips on using the OS MasterMap data from Digimap.

MasterMap TopoNOTE: MasterMap Download will be temporarily unavailable as part of the ‘At Risk’ period on Monday the 22nd of August.  It will also be unavailable for about an hour on either Wednesday 24th or Thursday the 25th of August as well.  This is to allow for some essential hardware maintenance on the server that houses the Database.  We are really sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

The MasterMap data available will be updated as part of our annual data refresh at the beginning of September.  If you need the 2010-2011s data then please order in advance of Monday the 22nd to ensure you don’t get caught up with the maintenance.

Downloading the Data

Remember that if you just want MasterMap as a background map you can use the 1:1000 or 1:2000 Raster versions of the data. This is available from the Data Download facility:

I just want some data

If you need the vector data for use in a GIS then you will need MasterMap Download:

How to use MasterMap Download

There is also a video on using  MasterMap Download:

YouTube Preview Image

Data Conversion

Once you have downloaded your MasterMap Data you will most likely need to convert it into a format that your GIS can use. There are three main options to do this, InterpOSe, OSM2MIF and Productivity Suite, see the following link for more information:

Getting MasterMap into a GIS or CAD

Other Help Resources

Using MapManager / Productivity Suite to convert MasterMap

Using MasterMap with MapInfo

Using MasterMap Data with AutoCAD:

YouTube Preview Image
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Sep 142010

The Chest Agreement with ESRI expires on 31 July 2011. Some of you may remember helping to shape the current Chest Agreement and how tricky it was. We’re starting work on the renewal early, with a break-out and discussion session at the Eduserv & ESRI Event for Higher Education on Thursday 23 September 2010 at the Congress Centre in central London.

This event follows on from the success of two previous technical events, held at the University of Leeds in 2008 and University of Birmingham in 2009. The meeting is intended to bring together people from universities who are either using ArcGIS or other ESRI software or providing and supporting ESRI software in their institutions.

In addition to the very important session on shaping the new Chest Agreement, this year’s event will also feature sessions on:

* What’s new in ArcGIS 10
* How to get the most from Virtual Campus
* Mobile GIS best practice
* User presentation from University of Worcester.

Most of the presentations will be by people from within the Higher Education community. The event will also include a free (optional) networking breakfast for both users of GIS and those who licence the software to share experiences and discuss challenges. Lunch is also included.

This is a completely free event.

For details of the current Chest Agreement, please visit:

For complete details and to register, please visit:

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Jan 132010

The following may be of interest to those Digimap users who have ArcGIS 9.3.1 and are using raster catalogs.

ESRI have just released a patch fixing the issue with Microsoft SQL Server and Raster Catalogues. This works with ArcGIS 9.3.1 Service Pack 1.

ESRI’s announcement is as follows:

“ESRI announces ArcSDE 9.3.1 SP1 SQL Server Raster Catalog and Raster Field Patch. This patch addresses the raster catalog display and raster field identify problem for SQL Server following the install of 9.3.1 sp1. We recommend that all who store raster catalogs or raster fields in ArcSDE for SQL Server download and install this Patch at their earliest convenience to ensure the highest quality experience when working with ArcSDE 9.3.1 Service Pack 1.”

Link to patch🙁

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Jan 262009

Peter Burrough, one of the founding fathers of GIS research, died in Leiden on 9th January 2009.

Peter Burrough is recognised for his for seminal work, Principles of GIS for land resources management. Published in 1986, the book introduced the essential technical tasks of GIS applications such as spatial data capture, storage, and output, and the development of the analytical models that were needed to exploit the full potential of this new technology. The book became an instrumental resource for soil scientists as well as geographers, surveyors, social scientists, urban planners and students in these fields. As a result many became interested in the newly developing GIS field.

Peter Burrough is also recognised for his important contributions to the creation of both AGILE (the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe) and to EUROGI (EURopean Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information) at a critical point in its development.

In January 2007, his role as a founding father of GIS research was internationally recognised in a special issue of the International Journal of Geographic Information Science on Advances in the spatio-temporal modelling of environment and landscapes. This was edited by two of his former colleagues at Utrecht University and the co-author of the second edition of his classic work, Rachael McDonnell.

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Sep 052008

Dotted Eyes, a well established digital mapping solution provider, has produced an edition of their InterpOSe GML translator specifically for EDINA Digimap users.

The Digimap Edition of InterpOSe will translate OS MasterMap GML data from Digimap’s MasterMap Download facility and convert it to various file formats, including Shape, TAB, mid/mif and DWG/DXF. InterpOSe deals with both Topography and ITN layers, and is tailored specifically for data from Digimap.

InterpOSe (the Digimap Edition) is free for Digimap users upon registration with Dotted Eyes. Please visit their website for more information and to download a copy of InterpOSe:

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