Aug 162011

Digimap OpenStreamDigimap OpenStream, EDINA’s open WMS service, has been updated with the latest version of OS Street View from the OS OpenData collection. The latest version is from May 2011 and contains change-only updates.

EDINA aims to provide the latest version of OS OpenData via the OpenStream service. This means that datasets may be updated part way through an academic year.

For more information about OpenStream and to register click on the following link:

Digimap OpenStream

There are also YouTube videos on how to use OpenStream in ArcGIS and Quantum GIS:

OpenStream In ArcGIS

YouTube Preview Image

OpenStream in Quantum GIS

YouTube Preview Image
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Apr 052011

Ordnance Survey have recently release the next version (the beta version) of their VectorMap District product. This dataset is part of the OS OpenData package.

You can read more about the changes to VectorMap District on Ordnance Survey’s blog.

EDINA will be updating the version of VectorMap District available through both Digimap’s OS Collection and Digimap OpenStream. The current (alpha) version will be withdrawn completely.

There is some processing work to be done on VectorMap District before it can be available through EDINA’s services. With this in mind, we aim to release the new version through Digimap’s Data Download facility on Tuesday 5th April and through Digimap OpenStream by Thursday 31st March.

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Jan 262011

Digimap OpenStream, EDINA’s new open WMS service, was been updated with the latest version of MiniScale from the OS OpenData collection on 25 January 2011. The most significant changes to this dataset include improved ferry route labeling and a different representation of urban areas.

EDINA aims to provide the latest version of OS OpenData via the OpenStream service. This means that datasets may be updated part way through an academic year.

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Jan 102011

Ordnance Survey is currently promoting the GeoVation Challenge with a particular emphasis on the use of OS OpenData. EDINA’s Digimap OpenStream service, providing access to a Web Map Service (WMS) offering OS OpenData products, is available free of charge and can be used to enter the GeoVation Challenge! You just need a email address to register online. Read on for details of the innovation awards funding and prize money.

The current Challenge is “How can we improve transport in Britain?” Check the GeoVation Challenge website for further details. The challenge is open until 12.00 noon on 11 February 2011. If you have a great idea that uses geography to address the challenge, you could win a slice of £150,000 to help make it happen, funded by the Ideas in Transit project. There is also a share of £10,000 for the idea that demonstrates the best use of OS OpenData. The Challenge is open to UK residents 18 and over.

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Oct 012010

EDINA is pleased to announce the release of Digimap OpenStream – a web service delivering OS OpenData to the UK academic sector using open standard WMS technology.

Digimap OpenStream is an EDINA Digimap value-added service freely available to the academic community. Access is not restricted to registered Digimap users, although a one-off online registration is required. The OS OpenData offered is accessible 24/7 and users are able to embed it into their own application software without the overheads of downloading and managing large quantities of data.

Digimap OpenStream provides access to the following OS OpenData products:

  • MiniScale®
  • 1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster
  • OS Vector Map™ District (Raster)
  • OS Street View®

Details of the Application Programming Interface (API) are provided along with simple guides illustrating how to use the service within popular GIS software.

Full details of the Terms and Conditions of Use can be found now at

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