Jan 312018

Digimap have scheduled two “open surgery” webinars, open to all Digimap users.  These hour long sessions offer the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about Digimap.

EDINA Geo team

EDINA Geo team

Our team have a wealth of experience of mapping data and can help you with:

  • using the service – how to get the map or data you need
  • personalising your map with annotations or data
  • the maps available within the service
  • using your data in GIS
  • copyright queries

We’d welcome questions about any aspect of the service, or if you’d just like to give us some feedback that would be very welcome. Hope to see you there.

Book now!

NOTE: Previous webinar recordings, along with slides and Q&A transcripts can be viewed on the webinar materials page.

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May 072013

For those of you using Internet Explorer (IE) version 10, you may have noticed that the maps in Roam can get muddled up. This browser is standard for Windows 8 and is also available as an upgrade if you are using Windows 7.

Muddled maps in IE10

The error is caused by the underlying technology EDINA uses to put the maps into your web browser.  A patch for the particular piece of software that causes the issue has been released and we are now working to incorporate this into Roam.

Until this fix has been released you can prevent the error from occurring by switching IE 10 to run in IE 9 mode. To do this simply press F12 on your keyboard when you are using IE 10 and change the Browser Mode: to Internet Explorer 9.  The image below shows how this is done:

Changing IE10 to IE9 Mode

Click the image to enlarge it.

This issue affects all the different Roam mappers, Digimap, Ancient, Geology and Marine, however all will be fixed by making the change to the browser mode.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue with the Digimap services then please get in touch:

  • Email: edina@ed.ac.uk
  • Tel: 0131 650 3302
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